Show me your HALLOWEEN stuff!

It is! And though I don’t wear them, they are one of my favorites. Hard to tell from the picture, but they are made up of 3 different pieces that layer together, so the little dance they do when the wearer moves make me laugh every time. What can I say, I’m easily amused.

I start with making twice as many as I need usually. After the cut, I try to catch as many as I can with some painters tape across the top of the acrylic before I move anything. Helps a bit, but some still fall down the crumbtray. If I manage to get them out of the machine, I’m good.


I put aluminum foil underneath the material when making small cuts, to catch them before they can fall through. :slight_smile:


Oh yes, I second that. Seasonal eschusions!

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Yeah, I keep forgetting to bring some in. (Machine is not at home). I’m old and forgetful. :man_shrugging::joy:

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Scrap wood CNC’d out with the face pattern pew pew’d out in cardboard. The ‘Boo’ was yellow acrylic sprayed with black glitter. The wire is a hanger.


I had some extra pane glass and tried etching like ceramic tile. I used transfer tape to mask it. Then the last of red spray paint. It came out runny and chunky. But it added to the effect. Cut a groove with table saw in block of wood to mount it freestanding. Kinda like a microscope slide.


Playing around with flat and curved glass surfaces.



Skull on 9.5 x 13.5 marble-like tile. :skull:


Came in handy at the evening bake sale. [Full disclosure: the 13-year-old is responsible for the design; I just adjusted the etch depth and tweaked the bottom mount to fit around the LEDs.]


Oh, oh, oh…I forgot about these. Do they count?


Lots of great stuff from everyone–helped inspire me to finally kick my butt into gear for my own stuff, but mainly to get items for a show “Buried at the Bazaar” this Saturday, and these are the first few…

(these leathers are as-etched, I didn’t need any dye in the etched areas, hooray).


Started on the Adam Savage/Punished Props Nazgul Gloves in EVA which I’ve been meaning to make for ages.

Not sure it will be for this Halloween but definitely a good option.!


Unfortunately not made on the glowforge and was my first time trying oil pastels… but it is Halloween themed



Just had to do these. I did hand cut the leather (they are about 11" tall x 6 x 2.5 deep)…two%20coffins%20front%20laying%20over


Lovely work, but I cant figure out what they are :sunglasses: purse/clutch?

Small purses–zipper runs along the center of the “gusset” shoulder to shoulder… and option to loop onto a belt or the shoulder strap.


This is almost too cute to be Halloween :stuck_out_tongue: :ghost: What a great mix of tools to make it too.

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Not kinda, very much like a bloody slide! This is so cool! I miss that show though :neutral_face:

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Wow, I’ve had my machine for over a yer now and haven’t got around to trying a really curved surface. This looks really amazing and even. I’ve dabbled in sandblasting and didn’t think the GF would come close to meeting the look, but these give me hope!

Man, I love nothing more than a woodcut-ish image and I just love the lines of this. Is thatone of the Lowes/home depot imitation marble tiles? I’ve never really appreciated the look of them, but they look great etched and colored.

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