Small posable lamp base

I started using this inexpensive ($26) video LED light for taking pictures and then I realized it doubled quite nicely as a desktop lamp. Adam Savage suggested something similar as a custom workbench lamp.

My first attempt to make some arms was too simple and flimsy so I decided to replicate the classic design of the posable lamp base with materials I had at hand. I got some inspiration from a design by Matthew Phillips I found on Instructables (he also provides cut files if you wanna go that way). He uses rubber bands instead of springs which I thought was pretty clever.

I drew mine from scratch because I wanted a specific size and I had a bunch of #8-32 screws to assemble it.

I’m uploading the SVG for your inspiration with some disclaimers and notes:

  • I used #8-32 machine screws but I made the holes with a really tight fit to provide some extra friction.
  • Where there are slots they were sized to the plywood I used and the kerf of my machine, so you might want to adjust that to your needs. My plywood was 0.125" thick.
  • The holes for the rubber bands are sized to the bamboo skewers I had at hand, so as with everything else your mileage may vary.

It’s a simple design so I’m sure you can adapt it to your needs quite easily.



Love it! The rubber bands are a nice touch for ease of mobility. Might make this for a GoPro mount to do some drawing/craft videos in the not horribly distant future. THANK YOU for sharing your hard work!

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Great design!

Rubber bands fatigue and rot out pretty quickly… you might want to look for some steel springs at your local box box hardware store or amazon/mcmaster/whatnot for longterm performance


Oh, very nice! Like a third hand. :grinning:

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Useful projects are the best!


Start with my great disappointment that the idea of an LED light that could project an image does not as yet exist. I have been trying for some time to repair a couple just such arms and your design leapfrogs all of that. So totally thank you and amazing.

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Good point. That has happened to me in the past. They are pretty easy to replace but I’ll keep an eye out for suitable springs. Should have saved more from that printer I took apart some time ago.

You are welcome. Glad you like it! :blush:

Bonus Adam Savage Retweet!



Really nice design and I can see this for many uses.

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Or use silicon “rubber” bands. …

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Thanks so much for this genius design!

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Cool design and idea! I have been thinking of picking up a LED light like this. How do you like it? Can you adjust the color temp? What batteries does it use?

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I like it because it’s quite bright compared to other desktop lamps I’ve tried. This particular model doesn’t have temperature adjustment, only brightness.
Because it’s meant to be used as a video light it can take both batteries (this kind) and a power adapter that is between 6 - 17 volts DC. I had one lying around so I didn’t buy it. I comes with a couple of diffusers including a warm light one. :slight_smile: