Small useful gift for school giveaway

We are having grandparents day here tomorrow and I want to make 15 little gifts for trivia contest winners - nothing big, but better than just a keychain with the school logo on it.
Any ideas?

Have you checked Designs – Glowforge Shop and
Free Laser Designs - Glowforge Owners Forum ?


Nothing like waiting until the last minute. :rofl:

Is the for the grandparents or the students?

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Tell me about it - our Development team told me this morning…
It’s for the grandparents.


Little award coins are always quick and easy. I’d search Etsy. Let’s see what I can find.

Something like this:

I searched for “award svg” or “trophy coin svg”.

Even a raw google image search finds a bunch of ideas:


I’ll have a look. thank you!

Not sure if it very useful, but it is nostalgic. Searched for “grandparents”. – quick print


Or this might be more useful. If you can get the lobster clasps.

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You will have to share with us what you finally decided to do.

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These are my designs. You have different shapes and you can put the logo on the different shapes and you can even resize them.

we ended up doing some keychains with the date and event on it due to lack of time - but the grandparents seemed to like them, so a win situation :slight_smile:

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cool! thank you!

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