Spreadsheet for Non-Proofgrade Materials

Before I start — I in no way mean to diminish people’s hard work and generosity in setting up public settings lists. Sharing what we know is a gift and much appreciated.

Just out of curiosity, does anyone use these spreadsheets after a certain point?

What I mean is that this is something that every new user wants, but once you get comfortable with testing and some experience with manual settings, it seems of less/no use? Experience will get you in the ballpark, and you’ll still need to do a test run, so it seems superfluous to bother with the settings on the list.

Granted I keep a spreadsheet of settings that I’ve used on materials, but they’re mine and are often very different from someone else’s due to differences in specific material pieces. It just seems like a canonical list of settings can’t ever happen, there’s just too much variability in materials to ever get there.

Thoughts? Is there a use case that I’m missing?