Stud earring holder advice

I want to make a rectangle with a bunch of circle cutouts, evenly spaced out, to hang all my stud earrings.
Has anyone done this?
What would be the quickest way to do this?
Thanks in advance :):hugs:

Here’s one from an early beta tester:


Wow amazing!
I’m trying to do something super simple, though. just a solid piece with a bunch of holes. Just wondering if there’s a fast way to make all the holes.

If you have Illustrator or CorelDraw, there’s a great method described in this post:


I just made this one last week:

It is slots instead of holes, but my daughter is using it for studs as well as hanging earrings… Easy to modify to tighten up the design if it has too much space for just studs. I didn’t add my plans but the original inspiration is linked and I’d be happy to share my version if it was useful.

Also, if you are even moderately comfortable in Inkscape/Illustrator/the like, it is a pretty straightforward pattern to create…


Oh yeah! I knew I had seen one recently!

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I would love to have one with feet! Is the patter that you made available?

Just posted it here:


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