Suggestions for computer?

Funny, I’ve had the exact opposite experience. In college, I worked for the school of the arts computer lab where we ran both side by side, Macs were always more problematic. I now work in a Mac heavy, design centric industry where I’ve watched my colleagues struggle with issues I never have. Plus PCs generally cost less for the same specs and have many options for Wacom Cintiq style pen input touchscreens which are dreamy for producing any kind of digital art.

Other than those points we’ve almost reached the point where the most commonly used software is at parity and it really comes down to which OS you prefer. Except in the categories of serious 3D modeling or visual effects where the hardware flexibility of Windows PCs still rules.


Hi djfb,

How do you download lightburn exactly? From their website it looks like it is a control panel that you install into a laser engraver…I am confused?



Nope, it’s a straight download. At least on the Mac. And I believe it has a 30 day trial, maybe 2 weeks. I just use it to make the designs sometimes. It also helped me convert an .svg with a problem that would work.

Are you using it on a Glowforge? I don’t see it listed as a supported brand.

It doesn’t run the machine. I use it like Inkscape sometimes because it makes a few things easier to do.

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Ah ha, I understand. Thanks.

Hmm, I wonder if I can get one used… that might run inkscape blazing fast. Or not.


Hi djfb,

I wanted to try Lightburn but was confused about it…it looks like a physical hardware device instead of software??

Am I missing something?