Suspend your tension

That’s pretty cool!

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This is just amazing! Well done you !


Neat, thank you for the file!

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Makers Muse made one using a laser he received for review (he’s mostly a 3D printer guy.)

He doesn’t know much about lasers though… many of his comments/suggestions are a bit cringe-worthy…


@primal_healer Thanks so much for including the file with your post. I couldn’t quite figure out how to get it interpreted so remade it myself but used your design as the basis. Here’s how it came out.

I made a few adjustments like making the joints into interlocking joints and added slits to lock the string in place. In the spirit you started this thread, I’m attaching the svg in case anyone finds it useful. All credit for a nice design goes to you and all mistakes in the SVG are mine :slight_smile:



turned out great :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile: :grinning:

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this second SVG from arasala uses 2mm material right? vs the first one was 3mm from primal_healer.

Is there a proofgrade material that is 2mm?

I would like a lasercut dragon tensegrity model, I was searching for that, but I am excited to try these until I get my chained dragon… I saw a lego tensegrity dragon, and I really liked it.

I think the one i posted was 0.200" not mm. the one i posted at the top is for medium draft board. it would be around 3.2mm

I did it on flourescent pink proofgrade acrylic, it was a little loose, but I superglued it.

I love it!



Thank you so much for the files!
I love making these and you’ve inspired me to try to make my own design!


Awesome glad to help out :slight_smile:


Love this - thanks for sharing!

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