Thank You to Those who Served!

Worse here… the script is Ativan, Haidol and then Ketamine. Being a LEO whose Mother was a Psych nurse, I found the practice disgusting. But it is the way. Warm climate and a one-way ticket to a US destination apparently absolves guilt.

No Facilities on islands and an in and out policy…

Our local VA is the hub of the visn so has inpatient everything except psychiatry. For that we transferred to brockon. At my private hospital we have 14 inpatient psych beds, and patients can wait for weeks for an inpatient bed (almost always elsewhere)

Yeah, it’s like that everywhere. Our only hospital inpatient unit is closing, and there was already a severe shortage of inpatient beds in our county.

That’s happening even here in downtown Boston… And painfully those patients sit on the medical service (hardly a therapeutic environment) where we depend on the consult liaison psychiatry service to help us out (but not even close to an inpatient unit for structure). We are more set up to handle your sepsis from pneumonia or a heart attack than psychiatric illness…

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We have no inpatient facilities for over 2 years. We have a room in ER where the Psych patients are medicated and released using the cocktail I’ve mentioned. We have one Psych Doctor in the entire territory. The problem is getting worse…

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After my whining about healthcare - mine experiences and my son’s two things happened; 1. I was watching a video of someone I look up to and he said "If you had to stand up here and do what I do…your perspective would be completely different. 2. I had a Doctors appointment and the Doctor spent over an hour with me, completed blood work while I was there, walked to the ultrasound and stayed and asked me more questions. His nurse gave me all the details and called me back today because they needed another test.

I know there are Doctors and Nurses that care deeply and are probably just as upset or more about the bureaucracy etc. than I am.

We should probably have a “Thank Your Medical Providers Day.”

@henryhbk Could your print me new stem cells? lol

Thank you!

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I’d be happy to have a “don’t-blame-your-medical-providers-day”


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