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Must we necrohippoflagellate this issue again? If folks want to pick the scabs, why not start a new thread? Please?


Those are actually tasks that work well for either local or remote. Google happily does machine vision in the cloud (and given how low the bandwidth is for Octoprint to stream a HD stream, it’s easy enough to do processing on the stream in the cloud). The issue there is mostly latency if you are doing a realtime thing. I’ve done OpenCV on the pi and I’ve done the acquisition on the pi and processing on a Mac Pro when I needed much larger processing. While the Pi can do slicing for models, try doing a full matrix rebuild to fix model holes (like Emendo or Netfabb) on a Pi and you better have a nice glass of wine to enjoy while you wait…


So cool! Can’t wait to do stuff like that on mine! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks! The past few days have been exciting to say the least. :sunglasses:


Used Gorilla tape today to weed the Ironman image. Took all of 10 seconds. I’m sold! :grinning: :squee:


3M has some new different tack duct taped. I’m trying one that’s in their high strength line that’s half the price of Gorilla tape. Just saw it in Home Depot as I was buying more Gorilla tape. I’ll report back with my results.