The Future Starts Tuesday

Congrats! Enjoy!

Make a punch list of all the things that you need to have in place before a first print. Think it through. It will be helpful and will allow more time for lasering and less time for trying to find everything.

  1. Stand/table for Glowforge
  2. Ventilation exhaust strategy
  3. Understand the nature of the browser app and have links to the how to support pages.
  4. Network connection setup device (mobile device works great).
  5. Desktop running Chrome for getting the handoff of the Glowforge once it is connected to the mother ship and working with fewest errors…
  6. Proofgrade or materials
  7. Pro? Safety squints for everyone.
  8. Design choice
  9. nutrition and hydration
  10. Work tools: calipers, picks, box cutters, adhesives, tape (gorilla and masking) and all the other things you need for design, materials prep, and post processing.
  11. [Additional suggestions from below: Work space that attends to storage of materials (un-processed or otherwise), storage for offcuts and bits, a place to do post processing such as removing masking and glue up, a place to display your finished items or iterations. Waste baskets.
  12. Glamour shots: light box or display surface with adequate lighting and appropriate background

Enjoy the adventure! And … Calipers!


How could I have missed the tools aspect. The digital calipers was the first purchase I made after ordering a Glowforge. I started measuring and planning immediately. It’s always with me when I am home as I think about projects and project. Heading back into time and putting another item to the list. Thanks @PrintToLaser


I don’t know how anal retentive it is, but is anyone else keeping a ledger or notebook by their forge to keep track of the projects, and how long each project takes. Almost like, notating the life of the tube as well?

Or is there something we will be able to see on the UI that retains the history of all the times used to complete and projects the forge has been used for?

ANYTIME I wanna do something new, my excuse is always with the reply “for science!”


Got the corner set up, I want to make a cardboard insert and for the hole in there in my window, that is going to be one of the earlier projects for sure. The boxes left Sunnyvale today so it is but a 6 hour drive here and hopefully not too many hands will be on it as it travels.

Will take pics, and also add documentation of how it arrives…for science! lol

search for log and a few topics will come up.

The capability is in the hopper in some form or another. This is one reference to that type of capability. There are others all concerned with saving job/project/design settings for future reference and use.


Oh thank you so much for that!!!

Now I am gonna be traversing more into the waters of the other pages and meeting new other members here while we learn about all the science done by all the GF Masters before we had our forge :smiley:

Please. Don’t. Warn. Them.



I use an Excel spreadsheet (I’ve posted it here). In addition to the filename & time I keep track of the material and the settings I used for each color so I can repeat the project later on. Since we can’t save them in the GFUI it saves having to guess later.

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marmak3261 left off 11. Work space & storage. The sides of your glowforge can only hold so many bits and pieces.

I just completed my over-engineered work table yesterday. Another thing I would have done differently if I’d known how long it would take, but I’m happy with it now that it is done.


Are the pros being shipped with shields in place yet?

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The only thing that really worried me was the laser. There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a man in the depths of a laser binge. And I knew we’d get into that rotten machine pretty soon. Probably at the next UPS delivery.


It has arrived, I just got home from work, been up since 3 AM, gotta make food to kick off the GF fasting, LOL

The Boxes are in the living room right now, after dinner, we gonna get it set up
Box looks ok for most part but missing 2 handles, where the handles are, you can clearly see the forge.
Hope nothing got in there! Gonna record it all, pics and update soon, like, a couple hours.

This is a serious meal.
I told him to go play video games and distract himself til I finish dinner and we can FORGE AHEAD!!!



Congratulations! Can’t wait to see what you make with it! :grinning:


Ooooooh and so it begins :grinning:

Life happened, we got delayed. The boxes are sitting here for tomorrow, I know I know, lol.

We did open up the smaller one tho, it had a crumb tray and the hose connector, but no glasses :confused:
I thought it was in the extra box. I took everything out of it, nice crumb tray, cardboard inserts, a hose, but no glasses. I thought they were in the 2nd box, not the original GF box.

I guess when we take it out tomorrow we shall see
feeling concerned

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There are a few things that are in different boxes than indicated by the setup guide. I assume they changed the packing after the guide was written and too busy to update the guide yet.

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I believe you are fine. I received mine today as well. I found the glasses, lens wipes, and lens tool packaged with my pro unit. Unfortunately my accessory pack only included the crumb tray – but no hose. I sent an email to support. I will say the unit looks gorgeous and I’m looking forward to testing further when I have a way to vent.


Yeah, Support needed to know. But assume you won’t wait for a $9 hose.


You’re going to get my sleep tonight…

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