The Future Starts Tuesday

I believe you are fine. I received mine today as well. I found the glasses, lens wipes, and lens tool packaged with my pro unit. Unfortunately my accessory pack only included the crumb tray – but no hose. I sent an email to support. I will say the unit looks gorgeous and I’m looking forward to testing further when I have a way to vent.


Yeah, Support needed to know. But assume you won’t wait for a $9 hose.


You’re going to get my sleep tonight…

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The wait will last only tonight. Although I live 5 minutes from glow central and would be happy to meet @dan or @Rita to pick one up. :wink:

Aw thanks for that update! We have not opened the main one yet because we changed our mind on the tabletop we had, we do not like the tabletop we chose and have to go and get another one from IKEA tomorrow.

Something a little more roomier than what we chose. We know the box is bigger than the GF itself, but we just came to the realization that want more room for the forge, like a wider table since we have so much more space than we originally thought we had to use.

We just want to do it right. I am honestly in awe of our patience with this.


We got the forge out and it is gorgeous, but we got no booklet, just a page that tells us to go to We have no instruction on making sure we remove all the proper pieces.

I am trying to search for a idiots guide to get your forge up but we do not have any instruction :frowning:

Trying, the struggle is real

Hey, cake day!

There is a setup guide and it is online. I can’t remember where, but there should be a link in one or both of the “do you want it” and “it’s on its way” emails. I printed it, followed it, and everything worked out great.


I just remembered I had the PDF, been a long day!!!


Isn’t the link to all that in the original e-mail? Or on the sheet of paper directing you where to go?

I got the forge named, then we turned it off, ( we were going to go to the store ) turned it back on, my GF named VIVI does not even exist :confused:
I am trying to reset it up, but having no success.

Unless someone knows, I gonna post in Support if I cannot find an answer

Thanks for being awesome.

UPDATE: The GF says it is cooling, and our image is WAY blurry, but we can barely make things out.

EDIT:: Refresh bed image does WONDERS

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