The Leather Bag Story

Hi Jules! Hope you can help me … I have images!

Got to working with snapmarks (FINALLY) this morning, and it’s so CLOSE…

Med Draft Board - Default settings (engrave design and cut snapmark for pt1 (right side burn) modified setting (std engrave/score (so I could see where /how far off) on the pt2 (larger left side burn.

This was the second consistent “almost”. My graphic is clean and no empty space at the top, it seems to be off 1mm low & 1mm left…

Any thoughts?

Yeah, you probably need to report that (with pictures and a description just like you did here) to Bonny on the Introducing Snapmark thread, because that’s pretty visible.

To make sure that she sees it (she’s the Project Manager) be sure to include @bonny in your post there. That’s something they’ll probably want to investigate.

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