The main reason I got a Glowforge

Beautiful. I’d buy one if I didn’t already had one for Dad’s flag from his funeral and his military ribbons. I hope you raise a lot of money for such a good cause; our veterans are so under-appreciated. Dad was a veteran of the Navy, National Guard, and Air Force Reserves. He served in the neighborhood of 40 years (until they said he had to retire), enlisting at the age of 18.


Veterans are definitely underserved - the Veterans’ hospital was one of my husband’s training grounds in med school and he felt they deserved so much more.

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Thank You. I’m sure your Dad loved this country and would leave no man behind…

Thank You…

Where can we go to buy them?

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You can go to my website. A donation receipt is required.

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Where can your flag cases be purchased?

Please refer to the post two before yours for the link.

You can also get them at regular craft stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joann, etc. We have three, two have a rectangular extension built-in for including a certificate. One was flown on a B1 mission in Afghanistan, and another over the Alamo. Both for my daughter, and we have certificates for each…