Thinking about shipping your Glowforge to the US, then re-shipping overseas?

Interesting! I just looked it up too and it’s tricky since UPS specifically says it’s only certain routine low risk items.

Good to know though! Thanks :slight_smile:

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hmm what a perfectly unhelpful description they give you. fwiw i’ve never been charged it on express but do i order high-risk items?? :smile_cat:


Mr. Frugal tip: You never have to pay brokerage. It’s a service, but you can do it yourself.

How to avoid brokerage fees

thanks! i’m aware, but it’s a bit more difficult for me for reasons i don’t care to get into.

I have a question, I received my Golden Ticket and provided the drop shipper address in Miami. I live the USVI, the postal service USPS will accept and send us mail, however both UPS and FexEx consider us international. You ship UPS Ground (and that won’t work.)

Its on its way to the drop shipper now. What should I do?

I think you should post this in the Problems and Support section if you want a reply from GF staff. It will open a support ticket.

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Sent an email to support but will do as you suggest. Thanks!

Sending an email or posting in P&S have the same effect, so don’t do both.