This is insanely high res printing

I don’t know if folks saw this, but holy cow, this is fine detail. That 2D barcode on the right is 1mm square! @Dan, I wonder if the GF can approach this resolution (I realize that would be material dependent) in a print.


lol, I don’t think I have a magnifying glass strong enough to know if it did it right or not :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s hard to tell from that one image, but it looks like the smallest QR code is at the limit of the resolution of that printer (it looks fairly distorted compared to the bigger versions). Assuming it’s the same code as the other versions, there are 10 blocks on a side. We’ll assume each block is a “dot” in the smallest QR code, and get:

10 dots/ 1mm

Doing a little unit conversion:

(10 dots/ 1 mm) * (25.4 mm/ 1 inch)= 254 dots / 1 inch, or 254 dpi.

From the pre-release announcment Dan said:

3D high-res engraving

1,000 DPI resolution & variable depth relief engraves with multiple passes.

Done: Yes!

Bonus: Stunning photo engraves and 3D engraves. We dialed it up to 1,355 DPI instead of the 1,000 DPI we promised. It looks incredible already and we’re still improving it.

So if I did my math properly and made good assumptions, it looks like there is already 4-5 times higher resolution on the GF. Weeee!


You can put over 1,000 Glowforge dots in an inch. However, the black dots they show are about .003" and the Glowforge beam diameter is about .008", so on a Glowforge it would look more greyscale and less black-and-white.


Our GF’s are going to make that look like it was done with fat crayons!