Tiny things


p.s. My husband keeps telling our friends that I’m now making furniture, with that mostly amusing, yet slightly accusing look. I keep telling him, no, I’m just making drawers… :grin: that is NOT furniture!

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Perhaps boxes in classic Bungalow so it would be a place to carry stuff when moving



That’s adorable! There’s an old house I pass on the way to work that looks something like that (except up here everything’s made of wood). For some reason it always draws my attention – there’s something about it that appeals to me, and I actually HAVE considered making a dollhouse based on it!



Working in virtual 3d, stone is as easy as wood just by changing the texture and in there you can go inside and check out the fireplace and wander about.

I really like the bungalow columns and around here they are used mostly though most often only the bottom of the columns are stone or concrete and everything else is wood. I have seen them made from plywood but that never comes off well.

I can certainly understand that loose rock construction like that does not go well in an earthquake zone which is particularly unfortunate given the abundance of great rocks there and the lack of them here,

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Ever since you posted that I’ve wanted to make one of those. Someday.



I love them. I think you are over-achieving in just the right amount.

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I made a little plant.

This wasn’t done using the GF, because you have to layer wire in between the front and back of the leaves, but I’m working on figuring out how one could do it using the GF to make really detailed things like ferns.

This rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Acrylic bends at 300 degrees. A heat gun also works.



I’ve wanted to make a 12X bigger penny so I could take photos of real things and make them look small. :slight_smile:



That would be AWESOME!



i Think the 1inch scale books should not have readable pages. In order to read them, they are out of scale and there is never enough space to include the complete text in that book. If you want lettering inside the book, just copy a few pages of any book and create some small pages. The text will be so small that no one sees what is written, I think it really does not matter if there is just a block of balsa inside, they are in a bookshelf and only the spine should be beautiful, because that is all one can see.



YOU are a nutbar! LOL



Pretty much. :slight_smile:



One of us! One of us! LOL