Tip for This Month's File - Family Shamrock Blessing Sign - for PRO passthrough

If you have a pro passthrough and want to enlarge this month’s file, Family Shamrock Blessing Sign, then select everything and set the width to 35.209 inches. This will make it approximately 17.5 inches wide which I find is the best width for the passthrough if you have large enough material. Selecting it all and doing this will make sure everything scales the same.

For those interested in the math – you can take the desired width (17.5) and divide it by the current width of the round (9.005) (17.5 / 9.005 = 1.9433647873). Select everything (CTRL-A on windows or CMD-A on mac) and take that total width (18.118) and multiple it by the previous result (18.118 x 1.9433647873 = 35.209…), set the width to that result (35.209) and everything should scale correctly.


Better yet you can enter the equation in the width.

This works in most editors, even the editing toy GF ui.

Previously in scaling tips, a reworded and illustrated example from 2019 of the same concept you wrote up:


Note in this specific case, this is a GF design, so you can’t edit it in your own editor, you have to edit inside the GF UI. They don’t seem to support equations (I just tested), unless your specific browser supports it somehow (I’m using Safari on a Mac). If it’s working for you, can you clarify as I couldn’t get it to work inside the browser UI.

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(doesn’t work in Chrome or Firefox either)


Pretty sure equations work in the ui but there may be limits.

I seem to recall it needed specific unit syntax. Let me try it out here one sec


OK, I played around with it. You have to put the equation in front of the units. i.e 4 / 2 IN will resolve to 2 IN. 4 IN / 2 does not work.


How odd; it’s very specific … for example 2*2 doesn’t work, but 2*2*2 does… not sure what all their rules are – but in any event – if that doesn’t work, just use your computer’s calculator - the calculations are the same

“2*2 in” should work, units(and space) are required.

It doesn’t for me – again may be browser specific or something, but that exact text doesn’t work - it sets it to “0 in” and when you deselect it - returns it to the original value (I think the 0 is really saying its an error and ignores it)

It only works in Chrome for me.

Works in mobile safari.

“0” might be disallowed, I don’t know, I never use it that way. Why would you want a 0 width item anyway? Maybe for a vertical line? dunno.

No, you misunderstand … when I type “2*2 in” and hit enter, it changes to “0 in” instead of what you are seeing “4 in”. But it doesn’t actually change to 0 - it stays the same – so I think it just isn’t working and 0 is some error.

huh, weird

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