Tips for reading MSDS

Researching different and unique acrylics and is there a list of red flags I should look out for when reading the MSDS for prospective materials? I don’t really know what to look for when reading those : /

I usually reach out to the supplier asking if the material is laser friendly but also would like to understand what to look out for in general. Any reads and tips in general is much appreciated!


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The hazardous decomposition section is always a pretty good read.


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Well if it lists hazardous combustion products like hydrogen chloride or hydrogen cyanide, that’s usually a bad sign. In addition to toxicity, the hydrogen chloride will corrode the metal parts in your laser.


If you were to be scared off by an MSDS in isolation, then you wouldn’t even put cardboard or wood in your glowforge. Burning wood puts out hydrogen cyanide and hosts of carcinogens. As long as your exhaust ventilation is working well with no leaks and getting that stuff out of your house most combustion products ain’t gonna get ya. But don’t laser anything with halogens (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodide) since those will produce byproducts that will eat your glowforge from the inside out.

And I agree with jbmanning5, the hazardous decomposition section is always a pretty good read. And it puts to use my college chemistry, which wouldn’t get used otherwise. :neutral_face:

And here are some older topics on the same topic:


Beyond specific MSDS, here are two sites you can keep bookmarked.


Thanks cynd11! Noted :slight_smile:

Bookmarked. Thanks for the links! :slight_smile:

Gotcha - this is much more clear now. Will check out the older topics as well :slight_smile: Thanks so much!

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