Transformable Leather Sculpted Earrings

Whoa… didn’t get that at all.

Yep – that was my takeaway from Step 4 in the Instructable:

Use a pointy (not sharp) tool to gently draw a line around the edge of the leather about an 1/8" from the edge.

… seems like a textbook example of scoring (coming from experience papercutting).

When I work in a new (to me) material, I tend to be very literal and attempt to follow instructions to the letter. Didn’t want to come back and say “well, this didn’t work out at all” and have it turn out it was because I hadn’t included the absolutely critical score line. :innocent:

As an instructional designer, my pet peeve was end-users that wouldn’t follow procedures, then griped about poor outcomes. :wink:


I appreciate you reading and following the directions. My art students have a habit of blaming me when their work comes out weird or destroyed because they didn’t read and understand the directions they were trying to follow.

That being said, you don’t need that score line if you can’t get it to work. It was important in the handmade version, but it’s purely aesthetics in the laser cut design.

Before I looked at my design again and saw that I had indeed put an engrave line, I thought perhaps you were trying to engrave some sort of pattern over the leather before cutting it out.


I took the Instructable as only needing cut vectors in the Glowforge for the slits. The scoring was as a marker to stop the slits/cuts and not really necessary as a design feature except as a way to heighten the thin boarder that goes around the perimeter. This scoring from a traditional leather working terminology doesn’t translate into Glowforge notion of scoring without adding a visible dark line.


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