Triskele Experiment

So if the 140# watercolor paper wasn’t right for the experiment, what do you think will be better? I like the toasted/engraved paper look a lot!

Does the paper need to be heavier or lighter, to get the right feel to the object when it is in one’s hand?

I just did a color laser printer version of the purple flower pattern from Hattifant, on 20# laser printer paper and it feels way too fragile and light. Takes a gentle hand to hold it.

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It needs to be lighter – the heavy paper didn’t want to fold as much as it needed to.

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Very cool!

80-100 lb cardstock is a good bet for something like this. It’ll have enough structure to be crisp, but not so much bulk that the folds get impinged.


Are you just engraving her designs, or are you doing scores and cuts as well?

Scores and cuts, mainly. This is the only one I actually engraved. :slight_smile:


Still great, #necrogame.


This is just freaking awesome.


Wow!! I really like this!

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That is so neat!


This is like assembling some types of chain maille jewelry; not so hard on the thumbs I predict.

…a few minutes later…

Except you don’t squash the finished assembly.

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