Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene

Reading the msds I think this is ok to use; but I have very little experience with materials data sheets.
MSDS_UHMW.pdf (274.4 KB)
Anybody have any experience?

My brother wished to know, and I think he can send me a sample to play with. If that’s successful, I might become one of his contracted machine shops.


Your primary nasty will be formaldehyde. Should be fine to cut safely wise but not everything that is safe is a good cut. Let us know how it does.

If this is the same as HDPE, I read somewhere online it doesn’t lase particularly well (sort of melts around the cut). But does CNC mill quite well…


Uhmw when machining is similar to delrin but more gummy, softer and really doesnt like heat. How that translates to lasers? Not sure but perhaps delrin setting may be a decent starting point for you

Polyethylene is in the chart I posted at this link below. Safe, but melty.

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I think people have posted pics, and engraving is not pretty. Cuts are so-so. I have some, might try (although I kind hoard the stuff, since it’s not easy to come by around here.)

Thanks guys.