Uno Box

If you right click on the image of the design and choose save file as you will be able to save the .svg file.

How do I download the file for the uno box?

Did you try what I put in the post just before yours? Let me know if you have another question.

I just did and that worked. Does it need to be re-sized?

If your bring it straight into the :glowforge: interface it should be just right if your using 3mm wood. I used 3mm Baltic

Is the forum rule for the sale of the file or the box? I would love to make the boxes, personalize them and sell them… do i need to buy licensing from you to do this?

Here are the rules from the category.

  1. You represent that you are the sole and exclusive owner of all rights to this work.
  2. You grant Glowforge and members of this forum a nonexclusive license:
    a) To use and modify this work for noncommercial purposes.
    b) To post modifications to this forum.
    c) To share physical objects made from these works with others, as long as there is no compensation, financial or otherwise.
  3. You retain the right to grant other licenses to other people as you see fit.

Since I don’t own the log I don’t feel comfortable selling the design.

I would encourage you however to make your own using the same steps I did.

  1. Create the box using Box-o-Matic iOS app
  2. Grab the logo and adjust it for engraving.

That’s my favorite thing about my :glowforge: is being able to go from idea to product.

Glad I could help with the idea.