Use vinyl transfer paper as masking for non-proofgrade materials

i’ve only used it a little on the woodpecker wood. maybe 1-2 sheets. don’t remember a problem. the rest of the BB i have is from a local wood supply yard and i haven’t had any with that.

i would definitely at a minimum wipe a very slightly damp cloth across the board and giving it a moment to evaporate before tacking down.

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The problem with using the spray adhesive is that that’s really hard to get off afterwards in my opinion

I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you. I’ve always had great success with the 582U on smooth surfaces.
Cleaning the substrate first, and applying the masking using firm pressure from a squeegee are both important factors… and if you live in a very humid area its probably gonna be much more difficult to get proper adhesion.

-edit- I don’t have any need for a 6" roll at the moment, and I’m sure you can’t beat the industry prices I pay, but if you can’t find a local buyer I’ll see if we can work something out.

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Not sure if this will help anyone, but a woodworkers tip.

If you want to get rid of the “hair’s” of the grain so that you have a good smooth surface, spray the surface with a misting bottle and let the surface air-dry. That will raise all the grains intentionally. Then when you sand the wooden surface, you’ll end up with a very smooth face. That would certainly help with putting the masking on. But it will certainly take a lot longer to “prep”. You can take a number of your boards or plywood and prep them at the same time, and then only have to pick them up and apply the masking when you are about to put them in the laser.


When you say safe, do you mean toxic or dangerous to the glowforge?

Both. Lasering PVC releases hydrogen chloride which is corrosive to lasers and lungs.


Just wanting to double check as I’m a laser noob that this will be ok to use?

Probably fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You want the paper kind, like it says in the description. There is also a clear kind - that is what you want to steer clear of unless it explicitly states it is for use in lasers.

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For people in Europe, Übertragungsfolie usually gets a good hit on google. Cheap too (German Amazon and others).

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Don’t worry!! I totally get it! I studied Biology in college and there are SO MANY scientific terms that are used in the wrong way in vernacular speech. I definitely agree with everyone that you do have to focus on vernacular speech when considering safety in this sort of situation. But seriously, I have many moments all the time when I just want to say “no one is using this word right!” :wink:


do you know a shop to buy scotch tape like this in europe?
can we use any paper transfer tape for the laser?

Nothing to do with masking tape - I was wondering if you’d be willing to share your settings. Glowforge hasn’t restocked in a while and I have to get a different source.

This question belongs in a separate discussion.

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Hi all,

Just wanted to add to this raging discussion! :slight_smile: Not all vinyl transfer paper (even if not vinyl, generating chlorine etc) is not suitable for laser work. Case in point

The maker specifically said this transfer paper was not suitable for use in lasers.

Always check to see if it is ok for laser use first?


Interesting. People use it all the time - this is a really common brand in many of the GF communities. I suspect that one (or more) of three things is true: 1) they have no idea, 2) they don’t want to take on the liability, 3) people have complained about it not adhering and it has become an issue.

“Not recommending” something isn’t the same as saying it’s not safe. That said, a lot of people seem to have issues with that particular brand adhering (I can’t tell if it’s the product, the users, or a combination of both) so it doesn’t seem like a great loss.



It’s perfectly safe to use as masking.

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Kinda like how clothing makers will just mark everything dry clean only when don’t want to go through the trouble of figuring out actual washing instructions.


Great to hear that! I found that other options are also TransferRite Ultra 582U (medium tack, for smooth surfaces) and 592U (high tack, for textured surfaces).

How does the VinylEase transfer paper work with plywood? Some have complained that the 582U does not have enough tack for that.