UV Printer Any Entry Level Machines?

I would love to try UV printing but I don’t know of any entry level machines? Anyone have one or any recommendations?


I think it depends on your definition of “entry level”. The lowest cost mentioned here is 1.5k but as the highest is 40k that’s pretty low!

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I just watched this - 3d Resin Print to Solid Metal…. The video is about making lost PLA/WAX/RESIN castings, but the machine shown as an example of what to use is the Elegoo Mars 4 Max. Which peaked my interest. It’s only shown in the video and not reviewed or anything. But it’s pretty small, and under $500, with some supplies. So seems pretty reasonable for a self contained and (I believe) fairly well known brand.

Honestly, I know nothing about the brands, or resin printing for that matter. But I didn’t know anything about laser cutting when I got the GF, or 3d printing and got the BambuLab. So if a machine first your budget, and seems like something interesting to try, I always say just go for it and see what happens. ;-). I’ve only read a little on UV resin printing, but I understand the resin is pretty nasty stuff, so great ventilation and a lot of precautions need to be taken.

I’d be curious to try it, because it’s so different and kinda cool. If I hadn’t been given the Bambulab, I probably would. But after using a 3d printer for a month, oh man, I’m already budgeting to get another one. :-). They are just too much fun.



Thanks so much for the info. Maybe I should try 3d printing next. Which bambulab do you recommend?

Greetings -

I feel hardly qualified to recommend anything since I’ve only been using one for about a month. But rickster posted a little info on the BambuLab 3d Printed Accessories here and I agree that this platform is a very easy interface and way to start.

I will tell you, I struggled with the whole glue stick and cool plate thing for a while and said I’m done with that. I switched to the hot plate and no glue, thinking if it doesn’t work this way, I’m figuring out a different solution. But it worked perfect, only one thing so far was a little difficult to remove. And I’ve only had one thing that didn’t stick on start up, and made some spaghetti. But the camera caught it and stopped the print in just a couple layers, so no big deal.

Anyway. Their cheapest seems to have everything you’d want to have, again, based on my very limited knowledge. It will only do one color at a time, but is compatible with the AMS, which you can buy later.

I think for the more heat resistant / tougher plastics you will need an enclosed unit, for smells and temperature. But for just simple PLA, an open sided unit should be fine. But talk to BambuLab, I think they will actually answer the phone and questions. :wink: But there’s a bunch of colors and a million things you can do with just the basic PLA material. So I wouldn’t hesitate to buy the least expensive one just to have fun with it, learn how it all works, and make some spaghetti. :slight_smile:


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