Varied Double Sided Adhesive

Thinking about making stickers out of ultra thin wood or acrylic. Would then need a double sided tape that is permanent on one side (for adhering to lasered item) and then ideally a semi-permanent or removable side (for adhering to desired surface).
Anyone know if this exists?

If anyone’s gonna have it it’ll be findtape:

Indeed, they have a filter for it:


I have this…

It holds on tight not so sure about the reusable part as I have tried that without luck.


These all look like laser no-nos. Which ones are okay?

PVC is a no go. The rest look ok, but don’t take my word as gospel.

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PET tape backing, solvent-based acrylic adhesive. Shouldn’t be any PVC in there.

Are you cutting the wood after taping or before? there are a lot of mats and spray adhesives to hold stuff in place while lasering. taping to something after it is lasered is another matter. :grin:

Making stickers out of things that are cut out is exactly what Xyron is meant to do! They have both permanent and semi perm cartridgeS.


This is amazing, I’m pretty sure this is cheaper than just buying those industrial adhesives by the giant roll (and having them shipped).

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Seems like the downside though is I’d have to cut out the shape afterward, whereas with tape I can put that on my object right before putting in the GF and have it cut cleanly.

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Not at all :), you can put cutout shapes through the Xyron, that’s actually easier. Or you can pre-sticky, then laser cut. It’s very flexible.

There’s a top sheet in their roll through cartridge system that picks up the excess adhesive if you put precut shapes through.


You could apply a sheet of double sticky graphix paper to the wood and cut it with the backing paper still on there. Then you’d peel off the backing paper to stick the sticker. It says its made of polyester. Is that safe? Double Tack Mounting Film