Various Height Bed Risers

I was engraving some thicker objects that were too thick to place on the honeycomb. After a couple of successes with using random objects as risers, I decided to get all scientific on it.

After measuring a riser surface height of 1.362", I created three boxes; one full height riser and two that are below the normal honeycomb height by fixed amounts.

Now ? If I measure a material thickness greater than 0.5", I just grab a riser, subtract the amount shown on the side from the material’s thickness and use that as the thickness. Remove the honeycomb, plop the material onto the riser directly in the GF, and happy engraving!

These were cut from 3mm Baltic Birch plywood. The kerf is tight enough that no glue is needed (0.122" thickness).

Bed (12.8 KB)


I use the full height one to put Apple aluminum trackpads on for engraving. The battery compartment can then hang over the edge.


Nice! Thanks for sharing the files! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much for sharing your designs. I have put it in my ‘folder’ of misc. designs.


Thank you, I have booked marked it to save later.


Thank you for sharing your files … very nice!

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These are great! Thank you. The spacer creation keeps evolving, better and better.

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So for a newbie in this, how do you then do the measurements for printing? Just go from the floor to the top? I so need a dummies book for all this. :smiley:

  1. Measure thickness of thing you want to engrave.

  2. If >0.5", then subtract 0.5" from height. If the result falls in range of 0 - 0.5", use 0.5" riser. If it is still thicker than 0.5", subtract 0.75". (If still thicker after that, ping me and I can whip out a 1" variant).

  3. Remove crumb tray.

  4. Place selected riser.

  5. Place object to engrave on riser.

  6. When entering settings, enter the # you got in step 2 as your height. (I.e. if you’re material was 1.15" high and you used the 0.75" riser, then subtracting yields 0.4" and that will be your focus height).

  7. Engrave!


I was JUST discussing this with somebody, as I was using random things to bring up the height of my work piece. At one point, I had a piece of 3/4" plywood, a few business cards and some proofgrade maple ply scrap under it, adding that to the thickness of my piece to get it right. ha ha

Thanks for sharing the files!


Thank you! Can you share what you did for the trackpad?

It is over in “beyond the manual”. :slight_smile:


These are terrific, thanks for posting!

Did you measure the surface at the left metal edge? or at the front corner, plastic to honeycomb? I got 1.345 at the honeycomb.
Gives me a max height of 47mm, and a honeycomb height of 34.29mm

I measured from bottom to the honeycomb. Or, really, to the top of the rail, then from rail to honeycomb, then subtract.

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