Vegan Leather Sourcing



I was wondering just what critters Vega had to get the hides off of. They started importing the hides of the Nauga some years ago and we never bothered to learn what a Nauga even looked like, and now there are these saddle critters?

You can find on Youtube warnings that we are being invaded by Aliens from from a planet around the star Vega that we have become so inured to their presence they have even started opening their own Restaurants!


Note to self … do NOT do a double pass. Looks great but the GF made swiss cheese of it.


That is a gorgeous design!


A friend of mine is an amazing artist! I take no credit whatsoever lol.


Hello! I just bought some of this leather for testing myself, thank you for the settings! One question, did you figure out a good way to clean it after the engraving? I’m worried about the leather being stained black.

Thanks again.


The picture above of the 2 koi fish is fresh out of the laser. I didn’t clean it at all. There wasn’t any visible gunk. That may depend somewhat on the graphic. I did find that it wipes clean with a baby wipe very easily after my kids spilled a drink on my desk though.


What do you mean by 50, 60, 70, 80 from the top down?


The power setting I used for the cuts.