Voronoi pencil holder

If the corner was solid.

Now this is a very crude sketch but hopefully it makes sense.

The left side represents a traditional joint. The right side shows three connecting points on a corner. At each connection there would be two fingers on one side and one on the other. between the connecting points would be open space.

It obviously wouldn’t be as strong as a traditional joint that uses the entire edge but for something like a pencil holder it should be strong enough.

It would definitely take more time to design than the 60 seconds I spent drawing this poor sample. :wink:

Something I would like to try when I hopefully get my GF in November or December.


Actually to make it flow better I would have the sides continue across the joint. Something like this:


Interesting. My concern would be that the joints wouldn’t hold strongly enough, and the whole thing might be a bit flexible for me. It would definitely be an interesting project to try though!


Perhaps keep the solid sides for strength, and use @lairdknox 's idea of continuing the branch shape, but with an engrave?

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Oh, that sounds fun! I’m kind of curious about also letting the pattern go all the way to the top, as it won’t be a problem there.

It’s just a pencil holder. How big are your pencils?


Love it! I like the randomness and that each face is different. Good one!

Excellent use of a short break! Thank you.

To those who hoped that the regularity generated by the tabs could somehow be incorporated into the pattern and thus hidden, I tried it and it still is somewhat “regular” - a partial example is attached. One could, with a lot of patience, angles even the tabs, but would have to be careful to make one side the plug and the other the receptacle - i.e. have vertical sockets for the vertical tabs on the other side.

If you can draw it, it will cut it.


That bot site is so interesting. I got lost there for an hour playing with different key words. That site will come in so handy when I finally get my GF.