Waking up to the NEW TRIAL on my platform

Ha! What I get for trying to read novel-sized complaint posts on my phone. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Still. I’ve never once complained that Epson or HP should give me image editing capability for FREE in my print driver program. I can’t believe all the complaining going on when there’s so much useful new stuff to play with!


I know you treat this more like a TOY , just using the words Play with, Fun …

There is a group of us that utilize this for our Business and we put our trust into this Company .

One of the Biggest Problems I have is that Every single Update screws something else up , something critical to getting the work flow done.

If the Glow Forge company is near going Bankrupt than I will be glad to pay a monthly fee to just leave me alone , no updates just something I can count on to use for my business.

Every Update for those of us who use this in our business, I have 3 machines requires time spent in a meeting, letting everyone know that everything is screwed up.

Not only did we loose all our setting for every project but all the Designs our now all over the place. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy there no reason for it.

If GLOW FORGE need more money to stay afloat than they need to do Better …

Its a love hate now with Glow Forge because there treating it like a TOY now .

Hey boys and girls now you can flip and flop and text and square this , never mind everything else is no longer working right . UGHGHHGHGHGH

Let me Clarify this :slight_smile:

Meeting have to be set up not to learn the new BS>

They have to be set up to let everyone know that all there setting our gone, that all the designs our all over the place , calling my employees dumb is just rude.

Your settings will come back. Clear your cache and reset your browser.


Or maybe I’m just old enough and wise enough to know things could be (and are, for a lot of people) a whole lot worse, and getting your blood pressure up over little first world problems just isn’t worth the effort. :slight_smile:


nobody’s charging anything right now. I’d save my frustrations for when they do…if you’re still frustrated. I call that borrowing trouble. until then, I’m going to enjoy using all the new functions. If it’s not worth whatever they decide to charge, then I won’t buy it and keep doing what I’ve been doing for the last three years.


Several people have reported weird behavior that reminds me of when I used to develop browser-based applications. We would sometimes see problems like this after releasing a new version, due to mismatches between code in the browser and/or on the server. There are all kinds of tricks to try to ensure a clean rollout, but web browsers can have a mind of their own. What I would try in that situation is clearing the cache and doing a clean restart, to increase the chances that you’re getting all the new code and not bits of the old app mixed with the new one.


wise words. also people tend to notice things being different that have not changed just because they are looking through a new set of eyes.

example, infusion set for insulin pumps. one manufacturer had 2 models that were very similar . literally identical except one component. Same adhesive, same tubing, same cannula, same insertion device, same color, same package, slight difference in the connection between components.

Customers would not accept or believe that the other parts were identical despite not being able to reliably find the odd one out of a group of 3 when asked.


Obviously I can’t check it since I’ve got them installed from the beta, but were the Snapmarks included in this beta for everyone to try out?

They would be under the three dots, and you have to have the machine turned on to activate them.

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He did?

So why did you buy a hobby level laser for your business?


Nope :slight_smile:

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Oh that’s too bad.


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I agree but one day… one day my marks might be snappy :crossed_fingers:


I ask myself this very question every time there is an update without my permission.

I think this is what we signed up for (possibly unknowingly) when we bought this machine. I do not love it either but as of this moment, this is the only way to run the machine. I have resigned myself to providing clear feedback on the things that are broken and suggesting improvements. Some of those suggestions have actually been implemented so, to me, it is not a bleak as it could be.


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