Wall Art Pieces - (why I bought my Glowforge)

Oh my gosh - this is fabulous. I love the ‘see you’!

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I have experimented with conrete and rust look alike paints - but this blows it all away!

FYI: The rust paint I first bought in Germany by www.tv-farben.de (I live in the Netherlands) and later I made it myself by hardly not mixing 3 colors of brown.

Concrete look alike is almost the same. Concrete color + darker + white acryl paints hardly mixed together and spread out by using a paint roller.

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At Pennsic there has been somewhat of a competition to make ancient stone walls that you can set up for a week and then carry away. I had some great pictures now long gone, but the differences in how the moss would grow and wetter vs drier parts of the same stone were quite a challenge but the “stone” itself was styrofoam or similar on a plywood base with interlocking parts that a whole castle or wall could be setup in an hour or so.

It has been a thought that I will now not likely get to, to do the same on a motorhome the it would blend to its environment.

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Ik krijg mijn GF binnenkort binnen en wil graag gaan delen met nl gebruikers. Dit forum is top maar vooral met technische dingetjes ben ik niet zo goed (meer) in Engels . Lang verhaal
Maar ik begreep dat er een app groep is voor laser gebruikers :brain: halleluja
Kan ik daar zodra ik hem ga aanslingeren ook bij komen?
Groetjes Angelique uit Rotterdam!

Ps ben erg benieuwd naar je projecten die je hier beschrijft! Klinkt prachtig, maar klopt dat er geen foto’s bij zitten?
Of kijk ik niet goed wellicht.