Walnut and acrylic maker plaque



Would the UV light penetrate the acrylic enough to cure the glue? I thought acrylic filtered out almost all of the UV light?


Nice sign!!

I’d “do easy” and use opaque, not translucent, acrylic…and glue to your heart’s content.


I really like the look of the transparent compaired to the solid red. It just adds another level of depth to it. The photo doesn’t really do it justice.


I think you may be right about that. I’ll have to test it and see.


I’m not sure. I been playing with the idea of resin crafting. I have cured it as a joint glue but never through acylic.

I’ll be testing


I am very impressed at how well you were able to use the giant knot in the wood that I would have discounted using not realizing how well it might turn out. on the letters, I was thinking of standoffs but @evansd2 beat me to it and then went one better knowing about the LED standoffs. A very slightly thicker black plastic as very thin outlines make letters pop in regular graphics and I would think would do the same here. Really careful planning could provide channels to hold tight to that plastic outline and the plastic outline hold tight to the transparent red plastic. :slight_smile:


I think different glue would be best for this. You could apply an even coat of barge cement to both and probably come out with a good, consistent result


Interesting, That would give me the time to smooth it out. I’ll give it a shot.


It’s funny this came up as I was talking to my buddies at Tap plastic about this yesterday. They agreed that there’s really no way for get invisible glue with acrylic unless you have access to some expensive aquarium products. The closest I’ve come is the 3M tape as it’s at least consistent.


I wonder if using small drops of clear drying glue to almost tack weld it in place would be your best bet. You could put the drops in strategically difficult areas to see. I love the look of the make logo red on walnut though. It’s REALLY well done.



I haven’t seen this as a suggestion as far as the glue goes - but how about cutting a hole or two into the wood for each letter - then attaching an acrylic post to the back of the acrylic (acrylic to acrylic being a completely clear bond) and then using whatever glue you want to glue the posts into the holes?


That is an interesting idea. My guess is you would see dark spots where the post are, but that is worth testing. Thanks