Wedding present for my brother-in-laws wife-to-be

Put the cutter to good use again :slight_smile:


Wow, that is a totally different living hinge. I love it!


Yes, you did! Love the design! :sunglasses:

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What a great use of grain direction, and the lid hinges are amazing!



Love that unique living hinge!

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WOW! I want one.

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This is really marvelous. Perfect in every way.

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Awesome gift.

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Very Impressive

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Living hinge is exquisite! Beautiful job!

That’s awesome! I’m still learning things so excuse my ignorance, how do you make a living hinge?

You cut lots of little holes, or narrow rectangles. If you search the forum for living hinge, and you read enough, eventually you’ll find the plug-ins and/or generators people use to make them. You may want to Google living hinge generator and the name of the vector editor you use (Inkscape, AI, Corel, Affinity Designer.)


The spacing of the hinge lines needs to be about 1/2 the thickness of the material to work, but it can be smaller. A simple three line alternating with a two line works very well. Space the line gap between the slits about four thicknesses of the wood apart.

Also the cuts need to go with the grain of wood.

Inkscape had an extension that makes them automatically. But seems broken on the most recent version of Inkscape.

But the elliptical box generator does a great job, but it too has some issues that you need to track down to use.

Here is a file to play around with. This is super flexible using Proofgrade ply. It’s got more cuts than it needs since I made it for acrylic, but it might get you started.



Thanks so much!

Zounds, that is beautiful!

So thoughtful and beautiful!