Weekly Highlights for the week of 04-DEC-16

Special Note: This is a new service that the Regular crew is trying to offer, where we will attempt to gather the best notes from the forums in one place. This is intended to help those who visit the forums rarely to have a single stop location to catch up on important news.

These are the posts made by Glowforge staff which we consider worth highlighting for those who do not read the forums often:

(This one is older, but a ton of information, and this is the first weekly highlight reel, so a few archival items are appopriate):

Pro and Basic slated to manufacture at the same time:

Confidence of Investors:

Manual for the Laser will be made available on the forums when finalized:

Honeycomb cleanup sounds easy:

Laser Tube is 50mm diameter (longer lifespan):

Swappable head was a day 1 feature:

Power Supply is finalized (was previous cause of delay):

Refund procedures from Rita

Reliability of lid camera for positioning

Glowforge runs lowers speed than the motors are capable of:

Blast gate or other door type of cover advised for exhaust tubing:


These are the posts made by users (not official staff) which are worth highlighting:


These are the posts about things made by Beta and Pre-Production users which are worth highlighting:


This is a great idea.

Thanks for taking the time to do it.


Awesome job!

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This is really awesome!! Inspite of being on the forum almost daily, I somehow manage to miss ‘the good stuff’. Thank you so much for this succinct recap!!!


I’ve noticed the same. maybe we’ve missed some discourse settings to keep threads unread for longer.

Any of you discourse pros got some hints for us?


Coming right up… :wink:


Wow that’s realy helpful! I try to keep up to date but I find this forum a little bit tricky and sometimes hard to follow so thank you very much for doing this!


Weekly Highlights for the next week are posted now: Weekly Highlights for the week of 11-DEC-16

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