Welcoming the world to Beyond the Manual

A customer suggested that we make BtM viewable to the world. We were concerned about doing that at first, because it might lead people to believe that our team could support operations that we don’t know how to support. But this has become such a useful source of information, it does seem worth sharing with the world.

From here on out, people will be able to read this section of the forum whether or not they’re logged in. People must log in to participate, just like everywhere else in the forum.


Oh no. And here I thought my musings in BtM would be shared privately with only 10,000 people.


Wow. That’s significant. I don’t know why, but assume it is. And I guess I too had forgotten that it was intra nos and not for public consumption.

Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of BtM!

And I appreciate that this is a sign of maturation of the platform. Thanks Dan.


One of my initial concerns with GF was getting locked in to an expensive proprietary ecosystem. I accepted the possibility at the time because of the introductory pricing. But if I were looking into GF nowadays as a new customer the presence of the BtM board would greatly assuage that fear.

We can’t push the frontier without a little wild west :wink:


That’s a great point. Our goal is to provide addons (like Proofgrade) that are easy choices for most people because the quality is awesome and the value is great. But we’ll never offer all things to all people, so whether you want to laser-cut a leaf or install a 3rd party firmware, we’re still happy to have you as a customer.


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