What is Everthing Else?

Welcome to the forum. The first thing you need is to start searching this forum for all the great tips and tricks that folks have come up with. Here is a good topic that organizes them.


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Most of these recommendations hold up, my processes have been pretty stable from the start.


Depends on what you are making, but for the most part it will be the tools used for that craft.


This ^^

The glowforge was one of my extra tools. Another ‘thing’ to make stuff™ with.
What is your plan moving forward if you are not already making ‘stuff™’?

Leather, wood, acrylic, cookies. What medium are you looking to branch into?


I’m not really sure yet. Just ready to play with this amazing machine for awhile. I’m trying to make sure I have, at the very least beginners tools, so I’m not running to the store every time I start a new project.

Hah! That’s hilarious.

This is going to happen :wink:


I figured as much just trying to stay ahead of the fun!

That is the fun, a little. :slight_smile:

Getting excited by something surprising and realizing ‘oh dang, I need watercolor paper right now to see this through’ is part of the creative process.


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

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For example, just the other day I was like “I need a smooth gradient of colored cardstock”, and had to go out and get it, like now.


I think of this often…of the hundreds…maybe thousands of dollars I’ve spent since getting my Glowforge…and that’s not even counting the stuff I bought to try out before I even got the machine…like embossing powders and foils. Even now, I still think of something I want to learn or at least try, and by damn I have to buy more stuff that’s specifically geared towards that and maybe nothing else ever again. Ha ha! :grinning:


I have sewing machine, had an embroidery and serger. I was forever going to the store, so I guess this will not be any different…and that is part of the fun!


Sometimes you’ll be ordering stuff from the Internet. :grin:

Sure, I’ll pay more at a store to get it now if the itch is strong enough and sometimes I want to see it before I buy, but also the internet.


This forum is the enabler for that. Someone posts something cool, they’re perfectly happy to let you know how to do the same and what you need to use to do it. And then you pull out your wallet because it’s a new thing you must master :yum:


Yep…that’s me! My personality costs me a lot, too…I find something exciting, buy all the stuff, laser all the things, then it goes to the back of the line and somewhere up on a shelf because I’ve got the process down and most of the mystery has been abated…then I move on to the next thing.


Along with your tools… A sketch pad or field notebook. The ideas will flow in, and the ideas will fade away (unless properly documented).


Having one of these is essential…js


My family calls those “dad’s obsessions” but I’m ADHD so it’s not my fault :wink: (My wife is sure I’d test out as highly functional on the autism scale. The trouble with a schoolmarm dealing with kids on the spectrum every day is she looks at my awesomeness with some amount of skepticism :grin:)

I prefer to think of my highly varied interests more along the lines of a DaVinci complex.


My eldest grandson…Aspergers. A world apart in many ways. I don’t have ADHD, but I have (undiagnosed) OCD to some extent. It’s the latter that makes me drill in until I burn out.

This one. I say we go with this one… :slightly_smiling_face:


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