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While it is very very good (great!) news to hear, what is not clear in the email is when it will actually be shipped. The statement “I want to send it to you right now. Well, in up to 6 weeks…” can mean a couple of things.

Does this intend to mean that they will ship it out within 6 weeks or you will receive it in 6 weeks? The disclaimer “depending on where you live” would seem to suggest “within 6 weeks” is the expected receive date because the shipping destination should not affect when it leaves the factory, aside from the fact that GF has already said that international customers may receive their units later. And GF has a good idea whether a given buyer is outside of the US or not so international buyers should be getting a different email.

Anyway, I am happy to hear that it’s Real Soon Now that people will be getting their hands on production units. They did not offer a disclaimer that the 6 weeks was good unless more issues that have to be addressed pop up so they must be comfortable that full production is starting soon. Yes, this is great news.



i will be waiting with bated breath


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Not exactly. The email was pretty clear. “…want to send you…” The modification of “well up to six weeks” applies to the sending of the unit.

The six weeks depends in their own words on things like how long it takes recipients to respond to their email.

It can also reasonably depend on where you live, even in the United States, based on logistics decisions with regard to shipping methods. If they are using common freight carriers it would not be unreasonable to batch shipments by destination locality with the highest density localities getting earlier shipment. In that case if you’re the only buyer in Anchorage, you might be on the far end of 6 weeks and if you’re one of 100 in the San Francisco Bay area you might be at the front of the 6 weeks.

If they’re using UPS I believe there are discounts for substantial sized shipments where it can make sense to batch them.

I would not expect them to continue the FedEx shipping that PRUs got unless they have a really good discount. Even there, assuming FedEx Ground they may get cheaper rates by shipping locality groups so FedEx can route thru central hubs like SLC.


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So awesome!! Congratulations and the long wait is almost over.


We send out UPS and truck shipments every day. Where the receiver is located does not affect when we ship an item, but it does affect when they will get it. UPS and common trucking firms offer discounts on the overall shipping relationship (overall shipping volumes through them) and for larger shipments to a single location. There is no “batching” of different shipments to a geographic region that yields any special discount. Consequently, there is no purpose served in saving up a number of shipments going to different addresses in the Bay area, for example. Every one of those shipments will be priced separately.


Perhaps your logistics folks are better than mine. But we find that filling the 50ft trailer gets us cheaper rates than buying 3cu ft of it at a time.

So maybe you’re right and it’s just more GF misdirection deliberately designed to frustrate their customers.

Me, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt and assuming they were not lying when they said things like email response time and destination would affect when they send it and they were not being obtusely clever by failing to say receive and intended everyone to infer that’s what they meant.

With all the issues I’ve had with GF communications, I’ve found that it’s better to read them thinking they say what they mean and mean what they say. Inferences are the responsibility of the reader.


We fill trailers all of the time, with shipments going to different destinations all across the US. Each one of those shipments is priced separately, based on where they are going and the volume density of the pallet. For maintaining a certain volume of business, we get an overall discount and that is applied to every shipment, whether there are 20 on the trailer or only one on any given day.

And I don’t think there is anything sneaky in what the GF email says. It’s just not worded very clearly. I was simply pointing out that out


That depends on your point of view I guess. Either they meant to say receive and didn’t or they meant send and that’s all they said.

At the end of the day it doesn’t mean much either way. It just drives me nuts when people disregard the clear text of the language and parse their statements to find hidden meanings. I guess that’s my issue - should just let people read whatever they want into things.

As i noted before though, they’re now committing to shipping production units within the timeframe in their last announcements. There were no caveats in the email like all of their previous announcements about things happening that might affect production plans. That’s good news. Makes the whole “maybe they’re just waiting until the last minute to spring another delay on us” possibility extremely unlikely.


It would be nice to get some clarification:

  1. Will all Basic pre-orders be shipping in the next 6 weeks or does that schedule just apply to a few buyers?
  2. Can international Basic pre-orders expect their GF to ship in 6 weeks?
  3. When can Pro pre-buyers expect shipment?
  4. When filter pre-orders expect shipment?

If you didn’t specifically get an email, your safest bet is to continue to follow the schedule at the top if the page. The emails are to specific users/buyers, and only apply to them.


Congrats on the email! :grin:


Understood. No email for me yet, but I pre-ordered a Pro and have expected that would ship later than the Basics that seem to be receiving emails now. And all I said was that it would be nice to get clarification on the questions asked, preferably by @dan or some other GF spokesperson. No complaints, no fuss, just a simple request for clarification.

In his Twitch interview earlier today Dan did say that units were shipping right now so we should expect to see some full release unit (FRU?) reviews next week some time.