What to make for grade 4 boys?

My daughter wants to make valentines for her class. We will be doing metal bracelets for the girls but I am stumped as to what to make for the boys. I suggested a 3d Shark or dinosaur puzzle but was informed that was too babyish. Apparently the boys like sports and video games (pokemon, minecraft). I am happy to pay for a file, but I just don’t know what would fit the bill. I need to make about 15 of them so I would prefer something not overly complicated. Any suggestions?

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This came up in one of my feeds a while back. Maybe it could work.


M&M launchers:

Can you imagine a room full of boys armed with those? Fantastic!


That moment when the humorous comment gets more likes than your solution.

Got to admit it would be a large hit with a room full of 4th graders.


Actually that was very close to my first thought - miniature rubber band pistols. Scaled to work with those rubber bands you get for braces.

Boys don’t want trinkets.


I’d do bracelets/cuffs for all of them, but with a mix of topics. I know plenty of boys (including my own) that wear bracelets showing off their favorite things. You could engrave silicone bracelets, which are still on trend with kids.

We obviously know radically different boys.

I would not send any sort of weapon item into a school, especially something that actually shoots things. I suppose it depends on your geographical location, but I can’t imagine any teacher being OK with shooting rubber bands in a classroom.


Sure boys want trinkets! Just don’t call them trinkets. Call them “collector items”.

(Don’t call them dolls. Call them “action figures”.)


The kids would probably love these. Their teachers? Maybe not as much.


Perfect. Just make a variety of gender-neutral bracelets or even keychains that the kids could hang on their backpacks.


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