What Types of Fabric have you lasered?

Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone has engraved/cut different types of fabric, if you have photos and what types you’ve used?
One specific fabric I’m wondering about is microsuede, for cutting and engraving patches on.
Any insight on what to look for or fibre content would be helpful,

Thank you!

Stick to organic fibers if you can. Cotton, linen, bamboo, etc. Absolutely no shiny or vinyl plastic coated fabrics…that can actually be dangerous. If it’s flexible (like tablecloth fabric or fake leather) you want to avoid it or test it for PVC content.

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From my understanding 100% polyester is okay too? Such as felt, and I assume the ultra suede type fabric I’m looking for.

I’ve never cut polyester…it’s likely safe I’m just wondering if there would be edge melting or something along those lines. Don’t know for sure. :slightly_smiling_face:

A lot of fabrics have been tried. Search Beyond the Manual. I haven’t seen microsuede mentioned. I’ve read it is used in high-end fake leather and I have seen laser cut designer, vegan, shoes made from it. I’ve only cut cotton, Docker fabric to prototype a leather project. Also, fake felt (polyester). Generally, you see a nice clean edge without fraying.

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Yes there would definitely be edge melting, I work at a promotional company and we buy microsuede patches, but they’re done in China so I’m trying to figure out if I can make them at home on our new Glowforge

Yes, but the good kind, not the bad kind.


Have you found you need to wash the cotton first? Or do you just put it in there right from the store?
Most fabrics have “sizing” spray on it new.

It was an old pair with a hole worn through the back pocket.

What you want is the Saddle Collection from Johnson Plastics. They have four colors. Here is a link to one of the colors: Chestnut fake leather.

As substitute leather, it is very floppy and a bit stretchy. For a patch it would be perfect. I don’t have a sewing machine, but it should be very sewable. There are at least two, maybe more threads on the forum about it. One thing to note: while the material is cheap, their shipping is not. So buy a lot or hope you live withing driving distance of one of their locations.

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Let’s be real, discourse’s search system is pretty underpowered.

The good news, google’s search system is … robust. Try this bad boy:



Here’s a post with settings for the Saddle Collection laserable fake leather.

I’ve cut microsuede and it cuts great! I’m pretty sure it’s polyester so you shouldn’t have any trouble.


One of the issues of using the older posts from the pre-release era is the settings have changed since then.

This demonstrates a fairly good workflow for testing fabric.

I think variability in fabric, as you mentioned with the thread count and weight, is quite the issue. For fabric, and for almost any material, I end up doing a test. Even if it is Proofgrade. One never knows how a particular design will come out on any materials.

One issue is always holding the fabric. Heavier weight fabric isn’t too bad, but lighter stuff can blow and flop around. Use the sticky cutting mat method. The other thing is putting finished items in for cutting or engraving. Like a pair of jeans. How do you fold and get it set correctly without the crumb tray.

Good luck.


Awesome, thank you!

Call the seller if you can, they’ll be able to check the bolt to tell you what the material is. I’ve lasered 100% poly microsuede and it cut beautifully but it did get a horrible fine coating of black dust over everything in my shop, including me, so we switched materials for the project.


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