When will second run production models be expected to roll out?

I don’t want to define “second run” - it sounds like GF has some definition they’ve already set. I think it will be helpful for people to see what they specifically say regarding this - perhaps it has changed since you all have taken your delivery. “This is the first production run. Each production run we learn things and optimize: in some cases we switch to different suppliers for components; in some cases we use different techniques to build or assemble things. These changes are generally invisible to customers. If we find a way to make a major improvement in later production runs, we may, at our sole discretion, ask you to send your unit back so we can update it. If you would like to wait a little longer for a unit for any reason at all, just click here to delay your shipment.” So, they seem to definitely be in the first run. All I am trying to find out is when we might predict that the second run might start. If it’s close to, or not too far after, when I already plan to delay delivery, it makes the most sense to accommodate that. I’m asking because I predict that the changeover would be pretty soon. Again, I’m not saying that the first run machines are bad - I’m only trying to get an answer to my question. It’s not so helpful for the community to try to convince me that it’s worth it to get it now - I’m definitely able to make that decision, and I’ll make the best one if I can figure out how soon they expect to do whatever changes mean they start “second run” incorporating the optimized changes. I’ve already been patient for over 3 years, and I have to wait another couple months because I’m moving - so, adding another month, for example, wouldn’t be a big deal. Adding another 6 months would be. That’s all. I’m excited to get my machine, and I’d like to get the best balance of improvements and speedy delivery. Thanks for your help if you have any information about the expected timing of the second run!

If I had to guess, and I repeat this is only a guess, it would be when they start international shipments. Or when they start shipping air filters.

I doubt that anyone from Glowforge will provide any info.

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Thanks for the reference. Based on what is described as a production run, I would say that they need to update the line ‘This is the first production run.’ My guess is that they haven’t updated that since they began shipping 6 months ago. Two easily remembered changes that have happened since they began shipping: 1) A switch of the tray from metallic colored to black, and 2) the addition to the pro of the bar that seals the pass-through slot. Following the logic laid out in that communication, each of these would qualify as a new production run. So there have already been multiple production runs by their logic. There have no doubt been production process improvements in the last six months that haven’t needed to be announced. Given what we know from dan’s posts in the forum, they would not announce the great majority of changes that have been made to production since they started, nor would they announce future ones. So that ‘first production run’ line at this point should probably be updated

Additionally: I did a search of the forum. There has never been mention of a ‘second production run’, or any new features to be added to the GF. In my memory there has never been mention of a version 2 GF. In fact, dan has stated that he’s happy with the feature set of the hardware as it currently exists, and sees only software changes for a good while. There has never been a mention of what they would have done differently in the current version. There has never been a hint of any changes anyone would notice coming in the future.

That being said… what hardware changes would everyone want? In our relatively amateur opinion, what would be nice to have?

I’ll start with ”thicker passthrough slots for pro” and “100w tube upgrade option” and higher clearances all around, essentially “make it have more z-distance available”.

Also “better ventilation connection site” and “simpler access to exhaust for cleaning”.


Interesting question. There have been a few previous topics on requested V2 GF features. Perhaps it would be best to resurrect one of those topics, or start a new topic with links to the previous topics to continue V2 features discussion.

I searched around prior to posting and couldn’t find any threads. If you have links, I’d like to see them…

Having been in automotive manufacturing for decades, it sounds to me that you are asking about a new “model year” design change. Traditionally that has been 5 to 7 years to allow for sales to pay for all of the equipment, etc. Though if sales kept steady could run longer.
With the GF, I’d expect to see a radical new design in a few years. (Perhaps with an adjustable bottom like an Epilog) though this is all speculation and likely @Dan would move on to another project and leave others to decide the future directions. (Things that make you go hmmmm)


Okay. So I’ve been grunging through the forum and although there has been comments here and there over the years, I have not found a topic dedicated to V2 in over a year - that is before even PRU’s went out. Now that they’ve been shipping, it’s probably time for someone to start a V2 hardware feature request topic.

I did find these V2 topic from over a year ago:

And this interesting speculation on the ‘expansion port’:


These are all really useful – thank you!

Unlike most crowd funded hardware, where they make one large run and then wait for orders to accumulate before a second run with changes to correct things learned in the first batch, Dan has stated (in reply to something I wrote) that they are doing continuous production at Flex and not batch production. It’s my opinion that the quote from Dan’s update is a little misleading. I think he was trying to say that they are learning how to better assemble the glowforges, reducing rework and failures in QA and generally making things go faster, each and every day. So rather than a set of fixes being implemented like in batch production, you’ll see continuous improvement and higher throughput on the line. Therefore, I don’t think there is a fixed second run of units and you should take delivery when it best suits your other priorities.


My understanding is that power is proportional to tube length, so there are physical limitations. I don’t know, but I suspect the extra 5w in a pro may be due to better optics.
Just speculation.

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Correct. At least according to Dan - although I believe there is a bit of tube magic too as he said it’s a different tube as well.

You can make a tube with more power in similar form factors - there’s a relationship between the length, diameter and internal construct of the tube windings that all come into play. That’s why a Reci tube for instance will usually have more power than a similarly sized generic tube. However, you’re not going to more than double the power of any CO2 tube in anything near the same form factor or length.


2 tubes and clever optics?

IDK, it’s called a wish list for a reason :slight_smile:

Sounds like something a hole saw can rectify. I already have holes in my case as it’s a Pro. :wink:

That’s how a traditional laser cutter machine design often handles it - there’s an extension off the side for the added length of the longer tube but it’s usually covered with a metal box.

Our problem is it’s got to ride the rails with the head and since it’s not stationery the whole side of the machine as to be opened :slight_smile:

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Good point. We also need a jigsaw to cut out the area between the two holes.

or a Dremel. They can do anything :smile:

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So in other words you just cut the case down the middle and do a stretch-limo thing on it?

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Kinda. More like those RVs where the sides come out making it wider.