Why am i so scared of this thing

OK y’all…confession time.
I have had my Glowforge since August of 2018 and i HAVE NOT turned it on yet. however…i did get a new table to put it on and i now have it plugged in. I need to find my clamps for the hose and then i might try to turn it on. I am a little terrified i will do something wrong. But a $2500 paperweight isn’t sitting well with me right now…lol
anywhos…WISH ME LUCK
i am gonna see how bad it stinks and how loud it is before i go buying those attachments you guys talk about.
I wanted to buy the airfilter thing but i ordered mine before they even had that and i am not gonna order a new machine just to get the filter…they won’t let me buy seperately


Throw the vent hose out a window, and print the example tutorials.


Search the forum, there have been several instances of people wanting to sell their filter.

Nothing to be scared of, just follow the directions in the manual - you’ll be fine. The setup walk-through ends with “your first prints”, That will introduce you to your laser, and ease your apprehensions.
Welcome to the community! :sunglasses:

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i did it!!


A new world is opening for you, just as you had imagined when you decided to take a chance on the glowforge! Enjoy the adventure!


well…my world just closed…lol i closed the window for the print and now i don’t know how to open it back up. nevermind found it


Three tips:

  1. Don’t leave the laser unattended
  2. Don’t cut anything with PVC
  3. Have fun!

While maybe not waiting quite so long to fire it up, we’ve all been there as beginners. You’ve broken through your fear and now it’s only fun awaiting you.


Hey, I got mine the same time as you! I’ve been using it almost daily and just did another Grand Clean yesterday (husband mostly). My big accomplishment last year, was that I could make every single Christmas present(s) for family and friends (took me about 3 months).
Over time, I gathered these tips:

All I can say, is, don’t be afraid, let the joy of having something fun and creative take over. If you get stuck - there are people here to help you get past whatever hurdle you encounter.


That’s hilarious! Time. What is time? Yer the boss of it!


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