Woodworking friends

Just a friendly reminder to always check with your local craftsman, sometimes you can form beautiful friendships and business relationships.

A friend of mine does woodworking and makes quite a few cutting boards but focuses on more unique things like knife blocks and flight trays. For knife blocks he will get with me before bonding everything together and tell me an idea or design. This helps me make sure everything fits in the glowforge and relieves the stress of mistakes! One such collaboration is this custom knife block for a customer of his in Texas.

Another collaboration came this week on a last minute wedding gift for a friend.


The family name engrave turned out really nicely. Good choice of art, the right amount of detail for that scale.


Thanks @evansd2, the Est. part almost bit me though. The tail of the E was almost too fine for the laser it took 4 passes to get the just “barely there” look. I was tempted to run one more pass but didn’t want to push the envelope over the edge.


Next time, try slowing it down. Finer details show up a lot better at lower pass speeds. My mink skull project taught me that lesson.

I really should go back to those skulls and try again.

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I agree on the cutting board. I like that it isn’t totally in your face. Really classy.

This isn’t a woodworking connection, but my cousin is a baker who is opening her own bakery/coffee shop. She’s reached out a few times for last-minute cake toppers. It’s great to be able to help her out. She’ll probably stock some in her shop as well for people to grab when they get a short-notice cake. I don’t want to make a living making cake toppers, but it’s a fun side activity.


I don’t call myself a woodworker as most that do have to be forced to delve into other mediums but I do work in wood a lot and I find the knife block inspirational.


A lot of the blocks he makes are quite unique, and make you go “hmmm never would have thought to do/use that”. He uses a lot of reclaimed metal bits or leathers, and other random stuff to set it all apart.


The two of you are a great team. The knife block is quite interesting, and the wood is beautiful.


Love the cutting board. The block is very striking.

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