Work Flow for Export?

After you export your file out of Glowforge , how do you go about editing it.
I use Adobe PS and when I open the file its very small and not very editable.

Is there a better way. ?

Inkscape is free and works for me.


Do you have illustrator?


Yes i do, but I want to be able to edit them in PS or do I want to edit them Illustrator. ?

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Why? PS is definitely not for editing vector files. That’s kinda like trying to use a screwdriver as a hammer. Like @trually says, use Illustrator.


Ok so that makes sense, Its just I do not know how to do much in Illustrator but have years with PS so I thought I could maybe get them out of Illustrator and convert them to PS . Sounds like that is the wrong thing to do and that I need to learn how to Do things in Illustrator , Thank you


Youtube is your best friend to learn Illustrator and Inkscape 101! =)


Hopefully your familiarity with PS will help a bit with Illustrator, as Adobe uses some of the same concepts and controls across both applications.

But yes, as others have said, Photoshop is a pixel-based or bitmap photo editing tool.
It represents images as a giant matrix of pixels and edits by manipulating all those little pixels.

Illustrator is a vector-based editing tool.
It represents images as instructions, e.g., drawLine( 0,0 to 0,3 )

A tool like Photoshop is fine if you’re just going to engrave images, as when engraving the laser is considering your graphic as a bitmap as well.

But if you want to do cuts or scores, you have to have a vector, because those are the instructions defining the path the laser will cut along.

Hope that description is helpful!


I’m glad to see that you’ve already received some great information on this topic from our other community members. Thanks folks!

In case it helps, I recommend checking out the 2D Software Matrix located at the bottom of Dan’s post here:

The matrix contains links to many handy tutorials about creating designs in various 2D programs, including Illustrator. Please let me know if this helps you get started!


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