Workflow for tabbed box?

I’ll think about this. Have you tried it in metric or just inches?

I did have some issues, but am running it on Windows 10 now with latest extension and latest Inkscape.

SHouldn’t be any coding involved, but you are right, getting the environment setup that it relies on can be a pain.

I get the same result if I try either inches or mm. And the same result if I use the older “Lasercutbox” extension. As soon as I click Apply or Live Preview, the dialog box shows up. I’m giving up on that route for now, but I’n not getting anywhere with the online generators that output PDF files, either, because I can’t wrap my head around how to get each component (box side) of the PDF file to be a separate entity that I can manipulate in the GFUI. I’m sure it’s a user issue. This seems like such a simple thing to do but I can’t get it. Back to working on my motion simulator…

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I have to reply to this thread to knock it up to the top of the unreads. If any newbie hasn’t seen this (and the correlating sites) look into it! I made the following project for my step daughter for Christmas:

And then finally installed a crap ton of peg board in my workshop to hang tools. I’m now using that idea to craft some boxes for the peg board. 1/4 hardboard from Home Depot cuts really well at 125 speed, full power, and now I’m testing using a few of these sites to get the boxes I want for the pegboard. Pics to come!


Oh, wow, some of the things at Thingiverse hide really well! I do slatboard and have designed butt-tons of boxes and “things” for it but never saw these. It is super easy to convert designs from pegboard to slatboard and vise versa.

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