Worksheet for New Projects

So I’m sorry if this exists somewhere, but I DID spend an hour searching both this forum and online (My guess is I am using the wrong word searches).

Can anyone direct me to a publicly available (or have one that you want to share) - I’m a new user who needs to keep track with every new project of materials, attempted settings, notes, etc. and want to do it in an organized “worksheet” kind of way. Before recreating the wheel, I wanted to see if someone already had a PDF or word (Mac or pc) document.

Also, as a newbie, if you want to reply with things I should be keeping track of beside the obvious (eg material, width, speed, power, etc), I would really appreciate it. Or of course, send me to the existing post that I was unable to find.

Thanks so much, Sandra

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I honestly don’t know if one really exists anymore. I know there was one at some point but the last time I checked it seemed to have fallen out of date. For the most part it’s a lot of personal note keeping based on suggested proofgrade settings and trail and error done by yourself and those who have been nice enough to share their findings here on the forms.
@evansd2 has a really nice test project for finding the right power and speed settings without wasting a ton of material. Otherwise, if there is a specific material you’re looking into i’d just search that material in the forums to start.


There are as many ways of organizing these things as there are glowforge users. I use a simple google doc, but then I rarely come back to old projects – I tend to do things once and move on to new things.

Here’s a post that is kind of the opposite of that, a highly structured way of storing that info. Maybe the right approach for you is somewhere in the middle?


Oh yeah, that’s in this post, in #6:

PS, also, welcome to the forum! We love new creatives here, and look forward to seeing what you make :slight_smile:


I was just searching for it to, lol. Thanks!

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The way I do this is to take screen shots of the GF dashboard with the settings visible for each project and paste them in PowerPoint. Screenshot of the time it took also helps if I am comparing engraving vs defocused scoring.

This way I can take images of partially finished/finished projects and have a record of the settings, if they worked or need to be tweaked. I name the file with the date, project name and add any notes. The PowerPoint files can be arranged into folders for different things.

It appears a bit cumbersome but works really well for me. Hope this helps.

Also helps if you have to troubleshoot something with GF support. They have access to your settings but not the images of the project on the bed.


Check out TG Carter’s materials journal: My Materials SETTINGS APP - kinda - #15 by CarterTG


This is a numbers project sheet I use to track my projects for repeatability (Not my creation). When possible I print, tape a sample, and I put them in a binder. I also file electronically.

Glowforge Project (1.9 MB)


You can also export your finished project after your successful test and it will show all the settings in the lower left corner of the .svg.


Thanks ALL!!

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