Yellowing around cuts

Here you go.

Check #2:

And then:

As for sticking too well, masking sticks better the smoother your surface is. If you’ve got a very smooth material you might want to try low tack masking, not medium.

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Thanks Evansd2 but the sandwich method does not work for me. The blue tape does not pick up the masking, any which way I try.
What transfer paper specifically to you use? And what blue tape?
I think my transfer tape is too sticky.

See above, check #2, I talk about what masking I use. That was the whole reason I took the time to include it.

As for blue painters tape I use standard 3m ~3" wide painters tape.

I use a tool to press the blue tape down thoroughly and get great results. Again, though, if I were masking very smooth wood or plexi the blue tape wouldn’t stick well enough to do the job.

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I read through your post twice now and I cannot see any info on what type of transfer tape you use. Not the blue tape, the white masking.
Would you mind just spelling it out for me since I cannot seem to see what you are talking about?

Section #2, I mention perfectear plus. It points to this post, where that and other brands are discussed:

Most of the paper brands are pretty similar.

Anyway, that’s the brand, and I get it from sign warehouse.


Thank you!! I appreciate that. Super helpful :slight_smile: