Yet another phone stand

Not based on this, though. It probably should have been, but I didn’t think to search here. Instead, I went to Instructables, and adapted from this laser cut nameplate.

Anyway, I wanted mine to lean further than most stands allow, and for the phone to sit in landscape view, because I’m not using it to watch movies or whatever. This is strictly to hold the camera steady, at an angle, so I can film things getting laser’d.

I used it to film making itself. Which is, of course, impossible, so I made two of it and filmed the second one.

The prevent-the-phone-from-sliding-off-extension-thing is too long, and my phone ends up sitting at a lower angle than designed for. But, it’s a better angle to film from, so I probably won’t fix it.

Video came out well, I think:

Anyway, I’m not really sure how to upload an SVG. This looks wrong:


Need one of those! Thanks! :grinning:

(The Discourse thing does a number on SVG files…you can avoid the issues by zipping the file before uploading it.)


Awesome!! Very functional. Ive been cutting with lasers for over 16 years and never get tired of watching them cut!:grin:


Can you post a photo of what it looks like assembled, and then with the phone in?

I’ll try to remember tomorrow.

(Normally speaking, I’m ninja enough to move through the house without waking my roommate, but we have a nervous dog staying with us this week, and I’m not yet able to prevent that one from freaking out at the slightest movement. So, I’m locked in this room until morning…)

In the meantime, you can see it assembled at the end of that video above.

(It doesn’t show the phone, because I was using that to film. but I can dig up another device to capture the image later)

Also worth mentioning, I’ve taken no measurements. The nameplate I was working from was designed around material roughly twice as thick as the medium draftboard. I eyeballed the difference, and it seemed to come out well.

(“casually throwing something together” was somewhat the point of this exercise.)

I will say, I think the diagonal notches on either leg are much longer than they need to be. I guess that was a stylistic decision on the part of the original artist.

I don’t know. I love how far I got with truly minimal effort, but it’s a good week to learn Fusion 360, so I’m probably about to scrap all of that and start over.


If you’re exporting from Illustrator, just choose any Styling option other than “Internal CSS” to avoid the mangling. The only other thing you need to do is edit the size tag after you upload it here. The forum software reads the size in inches and assumes it’s pixels. I just add zeros.

Image quality isn’t great but…


How the phone sits on there (the legs are maybe half an inch too long, so it’s not angled with the main surface):

And then, what that means in terms of camera placement:


For a second, I thought I didn’t understand your answer, but it turned out I hadn’t understood my question.

I’ll look into those settings!

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I made one too last night (had to adjust the slot for slightly thicker material, but it turned out great)…going to beat standing over the unit and holding the camera! :grinning::+1:


I don’t know that the draftboard is particularly abrasive, but it might be worth gluing some soft felt to the bottom, just in case. Don’t want to risk scratching the Glowforge…

(I’m suddenly glad I didn’t start with acrylic)

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ROFL! I know what you mean…I lasered through the plastic on my tray…came damn close to tears over it.) :smile:

I need to do this just for some of my camera work. Love it!

And here I just went and bought some kind of Gorilla Pod tripod/hangy thing to hold the camera. :slight_smile:


I’ve got one of those…the little one, but I stored it somewhere and naturally can’t find the stupid thing…(I should never clean up…things disappear forever when I do.) :smile:


Seems like the thing to make right after making a ruler!