Yet another table thread - on sale


Probably not necessary. You’ll have less than a foot of space on one side (or half of that on either side if you center the GF on the table-top). If you really want a stop for some reason (your floor slants?) I’d just print 2 Founders rulers and tape/glue them to the table-top. :slight_smile:


Looks like a quality unit. My need is taken care of, but if I still had a need, I would give serious consideration to @tom’s design, just because he;
1- is a glowforge customer, one of the family
2- what he has shared with us is clear proof of his skill
3- he designed a configurable unit specifically for a Glowforge.
4- I have a thing for the individual effort that is lacking in a commercially produced item - the personal connection I guess. That is reflected in his willingness to provide the plans for free if you wanted to build it yourself. So character figures in there too. :sunglasses:


I gave @tom’s offer good consideration. But the ability to run down to HD and pick it up outweighed the better design of the shelves/drawers @tom’s unit has for our purposes. I have my stock in the drawers now but still would like something for more 12x20 flat stock so will likely go with some 12" shelves on the wall instead of the 10" ones I have now.

This happened to be a “ready now” option. If time allowed, @tom’s is more purpose built for our needs.


I understand, particularly because of the “3 boxes FedEx dropped off” :sunglasses:


I did not purchase the HD toolbox for the GF, but ratehr as general use storage and work surface for my new workshop. The new workshop will not even have the GF in the building. I refer to this new space as the dirty shop, woodworking, welding and other messy projects. I don’t want the GF exposed to all the dust.

Congratulations on the new boxes :wink: I was just wondering this morning when yours would arrive.

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:slight_smile: My MakerSpace does the same thing. Separate rooms for the shop (dirty side - saws, grinders, metal working, etc) and the lab (clean - electronics, laser, CNC, 3D printers all in enclosures with vacuum discharge) and a classroom. I’m installing a full dust collection system in the shop this month but even with that sawing and grinding kicks up a lot of dust & debris and people tracking stuff through - also don’t want 10ft pieces of material whacking into the machines we use in the clean room.


It is a challenge in a combined area. Before I embark on any metal grinding, I have to take precautions to protect anything vulnerable, and keep an awareness of which direction I shoot the Sparks.

Wish I had the sqf. for separate areas. Steel, welding, cutting and grinding is dirty work. Doing that in an area where you also do precious metal work, contamination is problematic.


Yeah, I do some metal casting (primarily pewter) and getting crud in the crucible or furnace just makes it harder to get a nice clean cast. It’s always amazing what kind of stuff is floating in the air in my garage :smile:

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Haha! Yes, when I get around to a deep cleaning of the corners I see sedimentary layers that reflect past work!


You are probably right - the lip is more for now until August. :slight_smile:

I’ll just remove it when I don’t need it anymore if it’s in the way.


A steel yardstick magnetically mounted to the rear would take care of keeping pencils and stuff from rolling off the backside. Or a wooden slat the sticks up no more than 1/2" over the wood surface that is screwed into the top would also work.

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