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I love the wisdom of the crowd on this forum. Thanks for the tip about the asbestos. Never even thought of that possibility of being in the old original linoleum or in any layer after except for that which was put in the fifties, the dreaded nine inch linoleum asbestos floor tiles. We did double bag and dispose of properly and kept the saw cuts to a minimum.


I bought some of this with Glowforge’s free money, too! Glad to see that it looks pretty easy to work with.

Yeah, start with 10/175 and then play from there. 15% seems to deposit a huge amount of goo around the cuts.


The pieces I got from Inventables were only $1 each. Perfect for bumping up an order to get free shipping!


I bought a bunch of these blocks, glad to see they engrave well! :+1:


I bought a few blocks of it from Inventables last summer planning to carve it with my CNC router but haven’t got around to it yet. Maybe I’ll try a block on the CNC and a block on my Glowforge when it arrives. I have several ideas of this material.


I would be great to post a comparison for the same engraving if you can.

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I’ll try to remember to do that.

Well, this just happened! It’s an unmounted sheet, so I won’t have to remove the the tray.

@dan, can we proofgrade Linoleum? :grin:


I’m pretty sure they sell that stuff at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby too. (Been a while since I’ve shopped there.)

2 Likes"-x-10"-Jack-Richeson-Easy-to-Cut-Unmounted-Linol/p/9660

Might work out well with the weekly discount coupon :slight_smile:


I had to do that for the banana last night. Then I had to rest the front edge of the banana on a 3mm piece of wood so it was level front to back.

Had to think about it a minute before realizing that I didn’t need to tell the UI my material was 1.4" thick but needed the difference in the banana thickness and the bottom tray. The GF believes “0” is the top of the tray.


(raises hand) me too.


Is that Power 10, Speed 175? Any advice on resolutions? (Thanks so much!)

Hey @TexanGothic, have you sen these recent linoleum threads? Just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss them. :slight_smile:
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Ah! Thank you. Missed that second thread. Decided to return my Inventables linoleum and try one of these rubber options. Thank you so much!

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Those were PRU settings. If I recall we did 340lpi? @joe does that sound about right?



And those settings were before everything was switched to unitless values, I’m pretty sure.

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