1/16" Acrylic source

Anyone has a good online source for 1/16" acrylic? Lots of 1/8" out here have found hard to find the colored 1/16" ones. Thanks!



Interesting enough no 1/16” plain colored acrylic at Inventables. However I do see reversible ones …will get those then. Thanks!

Inventables had put me on back order so many times I sourced different places. It was not necessarily about the cheapest. Goal was fast shipping and products shown being available.
I was focused on the 1/16 stuff and best found by me was Johnsons.

Their web site can be confusing to dig into at times and there is some weird company merger going on, but stay at it because they have a good variety of 1/16 and many ‘two color’ selections.


I’ve purchased quite a bit of 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4" acrylic from Johnson Plastics. I highly recommend them.


I hadn’t noticed that the 1/16" were all duotone. That is odd.

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I ordered some 1mm from eBay. It was not quick nor cheap, but it was the best I could find. This looks like a better deal. https://www.ebay.com/p/1mm-Clear-Perspex-Acrylic-Plastic-Plexiglass-Cut-148mm-X-210mm-A5-Sheet-Size/627332950?iid=263588228578

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the only 1/16 acrylic i see at johnson plastics are two extruded sheets. one clear, one clear non-glare.

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I missed that the request was for colored acrylics. Johnson Plastics only has clear in 1/16.

Delvies Plastics has a few more options in that thickness; in a few more colors, but not as many as 1/8”. I’ve ordered a lot of 3/16” from them.

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These are the links I got from some purchases.

color for 1/16 acrylic

Color Acrylics

Two Color


Like I mentioned, the web site is hard to navigate but the resources are there once dig in a little.

edit: Am now using a different company. See comment 22


I’ve been ordering from the merged companies (Rowmark and Bur-lane) for over 15 years. Just note that the engraving plastic is not your standard acrylic sheet. When ordering, they also sell materials for rotary Engravers, so make sure you see the laserable label with the product you are interested in. The regular rotary stock is ABS and cuts melty, drippy on the laser and does not etch well… Also, for colored acrylics, estreetplastics has better pricing on 1/8".


Have you checked for any local stores in your area? Depending where you live, you might find a place selling scraps for cheap. I’m blessed to live in CA where we have Tap plastic and that place is like Disneyland for me. I know there are other similar stores in other states though.


Did you get cast or extruded?

cast always.
The little bit of extruded I have messed with seems to slag and melt. It looks like you have been abusing candles or something when done.

Some really thin extruded (0.030) I have does not melt or char.
I think that is just because it burns thru it so quick the stuff does not have time to react.


I never sorted by brand to find acrylics. It’s strange that these are not visible when just looking for sheet stock; since they’re all the same sizes as the sheet stock.


Yeah the site causes a lot of needless monkey business, but if you know it is on there, then you will find it eventually.


I also just got some from Johnson plastics, and highly recommend them as well.

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Yes I noticed that the acrylic that came with my GF was much more ridged and harder than the sheets I ordered from inventables. I guess I wasn’t looking when I hit the purchase button. What is the recommended speed and power for extruded 1/8? I thought I saw a chart on here somewhere but forgot to bookmark it.

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I have cast not extruded. Only 1/8 extruded I have is somewhere sitting on the bottom of a stack.

For the 1/16 (0.060) CAST acrylic (single and dual color) I use
engrave 1000/60 @195 with .060 as thickness.
Score is 300/15
cut uses 225/100 but some (like teal) need 225/full (on PRO) because that 225/100 just barely does not completely cut.
If I want to be sure I just use 225/full on all and mask so no flashback from over cutting.

I think these numbers could probably be tweaked down, but they work fine for the small stuff I am using them on.


Do a search on “calibration template” or similar and you’ll find a bunch of different cutting and engraving testing projects you can send to your GF and test your materials. That way you can create little sample packs of material settings squares - every time you use a new or different material just run a calibration print. That will tell you what to expect with your machine and your material sources. The cut ones will also tell you what your kerf is for each material you’re cutting.

I’m partial to mine (uploaded them last spring) but there are several other good styles from other people who have created similar tools. :slight_smile: