.1" / 2.5mm thick PETG sheets. Help with cutting and engraving

Hello. I’ve searched all over looking for user settings for this material combo without any luck. This thread has been helpful but I was hoping someone else has experience cutting PETG at this thickness.

Thank you

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Sorry to be of little help. I have found PETG to be fiddly. I am cutting .06 at 250/100 2 passes on a pro. I get clouding, but the cut is clean.


I was able to get some real nice results at full power, 375 speed and 3 passes. Much better results than others have been getting. The cut pieces are almost as nice as clear acrylic.

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Using .06 PETG 375 speed, 99 power three passes yields excellent results for spaced out cutting with zero clouding. I left the factory film on both sides to act as transfer paper. Clean cut full width and 1.5in circles.
Making ice cream cones smores, needed a quick stand to hold them btw, PETG is so much better than acrylic for this because you can easily form it.